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Hardwood & Laminates


Straus Carpets offers a wide variety of hardwood and laminate floors, and our sales professionals have the experience necessary to help guide you to the perfect solution for your need.

When it comes to hardwood, Straus offers prefinished hardwood planks that can be glued, nailed or installed as a floating floor. We stock an array of plank widths and matching moldings, transitions and thresholds.

In terms of hardwood floor styles, some of the more popular are: country, traditional or contemporary. There are also a number of different edges to consider: square edge, micro bevel or full bevel. We can show you the differences in our showroom.

We also offer Bamboo floors, which are 25 percent harder than a traditional oak floor, come from a quickly renewable source, is environmentally safe and the coating materials used are water-based and solvent free.

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