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What to know about linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring is one of the oldest types of flooring still made. Invented in 1860, it is manufactured using only natural materials with the same technique and attention to quality you would find 150 years ago giving it a uniquely vibrant finish you cannot find in any synthetic material currently made. Linoleum gets harder and does not lose its bright colors over the years making it a great choice for a traditional look. Usually installed in bathrooms and kitchens, it is a perfect floor to pair with hardwood throughout the rest of the home to achieve a historic design. Words alone cannot express the beauty of linoleum, stop by our showroom and have a look at our display yourself!

An Environmentally Friendly Floor

Linoleum is made using six all natural and 100% renewable ingredients: linseed oil, wood dust, pine tree resin, limestone and jute, with pigments added for color. This manufacturing process makes linoleum the only carbon neutral flooring type there is, with the photosynthesis of the plant based materials offsetting all emissions from transportation and production. It is completely biodegradable, non toxic and, if properly taken care of, very durable, helping you save money and reducing your carbon footprint even more. Linseed oil also has natural antibacterial characteristics, making this a great floor for both hospitals and bathrooms alike!

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Get Creative With Linoleum

Linoleum comes in dozens of dazzling bright colors, and both in sheet and tile formats. Mix different colors to create unique patterns and spice up your home.