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All About Area Rugs

Who has the best and largest selection of area rugs in the San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, South Bay, North Bay and Peninsula? Straus Carpets in Oakland has a great selection of area rugs for many different budgets.

​An area rug is a quick and easy way to tie a room together, add a bit of softness to a floor or make a statement. Indeed, an area rug has the ability to add a splash of personality to any room, just like a colorful work of art.

Beyond beauty, an area rug is a functional addition to a room: in high traffic areas, one can protect vulnerable floor surfaces; many are easy to lift and clean; and with the right non-skid pad, some can reduce the risk of a slip and fall.

Area rugs are popular with an array of customers: college students who want to add something interesting to their dorm room, renters who want to bring something personal to their living space, executives who want to add a spot of personality to their office and those who like to redecorate on a whim.

A few tips based on our experience: if you are using an area rug as the focal point of a room, consider buying a rug with a medallion shape in the center. Repetitive patterns are better for floors in front of fireplaces or bay windows. Simpler patterns contrast well with ornate wallpaper or furniture upholstery. It’s perfectly permissible, by the way, to have two different patterns of area rug in the same room, as long as the patterns complement each other.

Also, as far as fibers: acrylics are the most resistant to mildew and sunlight, wool is more durable than cotton but cotton is softer than wool, jute is the softest, but fades easily, and olefin (polypropylene) is the least expensive and highly stain-resistant.

It’s a good idea to bring a sample of your wallpaper or paint in when you are ready to pick out a new area rug. We look forward to helping.


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